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Whether it is creating buildings, roads, reservoirs and so on, excavation is an important process during construction. Digging, trenching as well as other processes are often used for excavation purposes. For these processes to be successful, special methods and tools must be applied. One of the most useful excavation equipment that you can have is the ripper which you can attach to your excavator. Here is an overview of rippers and how they are applied in excavation.

What is a Ripper?
The ground is usually made up of millions of layers from build up over the years. At times, digging through the earth is necessary especially during construction projects. The mixture of soil and rocks that composes the earth is not easy to penetrate through. Therefore, special excavation techniques must be used. One of the commonly used methods is ripping. This is a process that involves loosening and tearing through the hard ground using a teeth-like structure on a bulldozer or other excavating machines. It is often a preferred choice than blasting.

For excavating machines to be able to perform the ripping procedure, they require to have a teeth-like structure attached to them. This is what is usually referred to as a ripper. This is what is able to tear up the soil to create trenches and pits. They are usually designed specifically for this purpose. As such, they are given a particular shape so as to make them effective. This includes a gradual curve that slopes from the side of the tooth to the shaft area. This is so that when the teeth pick up some ground material, it is able to slide down into the shaft.

Types of Rippers
Rippers can be classified in a number of ways. One of the ways to classify them is as follows:

Towed Unit Rippers
Rippers can be implemented as a towed unit. As such, it is normally cable operated which works by having the cable pulled by one tractor and having another one for pausing. As a result, towed unit rippers have limitations in terms of being difficult to maneuver.

Integrated Unit Ripper
When it comes to these types of rippers, they are operated hydraulically. These usually come in two types, that is, the hinges ripper or parallelogram rippers. The hinged style ripper uses the attachment method of a pin around which the ripper arm can rotate. For the parallelogram styled rippers, two hinged arms are involved in the attachment. With these, the ripped can be kept at a certain angle during the penetration. Both of these integrated unit rippers are easier to maneuver as compared to the towed unit rippers. They are also more compact and efficient.

Backup Rippers
This is a type of ripper that is mounted on the rear side of the bulldozer blades. This is such that when the bulldozer is backing, it can drag over the ground and rip it up. This is most of the time used to increase production by being used together with the rippers at the front. Therefore, the excavating machine is able to work in either direction.

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